Dear Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowner, I’m just wrapping up a short, one week visit to Molokai and I must say that I’ve never seen our property look better or the island look greener. Mother Nature has turned the entire west end into a lush tropical garden. Occasionally it has been difficult to cope with the volume of rainwater blessings but our crew has done a great job under the guidance of our new property manager, Jeff Herman.

The primary purpose for my quick visit was to work with Jeff and evaluate the maintenance programs moving forward. He is a tremendously skilled and hard working leader who has had an immediate impact on the crew and property. Every person I’ve spoken with is thrilled with “the new guy”. On a side note…now that we’ve hired our new property manager, I want to encourage homeowners to direct all grounds and building maintenance requests to Jeff Herman. Do not make suggestions or requests directly to the work crew or engage them in conversations about work routines or practices. It is very important that all such information flow through Jeff, not around him. On a related note…please let me take this opportunity to thank our Board members Bob, Dale, Barb, and Ellyn for filling in during the time we had no property manager. Bob especially spent months managing our crew and laid the organizational foundation upon which Jeff Herman can now build.

During this past week I’ve also conducted my routine follow-up on the Hotel Lot common area restoration. Work has been complicated by the weather but is still moving forward with significant improvement results. There are new plantings, trees, and ground cover developing in areas previously left barren for over 10 years and it’s heartwarming to watch the changes.

We had quite a scare last week with the tsunami from Japan sweeping across Hawaii. Molokai was largely spared major damage and Kepuhi Beach saw none. However, our emergency response activities were put to the test and we passed with flying colors. Rodni and Franz returned to the property at 11:00 p.m. and quickly organized and assisted in evacuation. Security patrols continued throughout the night and assistance was again provided to the returning occupants. Mahalo Rodni and Franz! ! ! !

Please remember the AOAO Board of Directors meeting coming up on April 7, 2011. It will be held in Maunaloa at the community center, starting at 9:00 a.m. All homeowners are invited to attend and participate.

Following are some bullet points of quick information and reminders I would like to share with everyone.

  • A full report on the Cross Easement dispute was sent to all homeowners last month. If you did not receive this please email me and I will send another by U.S. post.
  • The swimming pool has been closed for the past week due to a pump malfunction. Hopefully it will be open again by the time you receive this letter.
  • There are a number of unknown people abusing the parking limitations on property. Three vehicles seem to be abandoned; a red 4-door Oldsmobile license # MLZ-080, a red Nissan Sentra license #MGS-313 and a red Ford Escort license #MGS-409. Please let me know if you have any idea who owns these. Also, long-term parking is for homeowners only! We seem to have a couple cars in our lots that belong to annual vacation renters who store their cars for 10 to 11 months while they are not renting. This non homeowner storage is not permitted.
  • New meters have been installed on our B.B.Q.s to stop the main gas flow overnight in order to limit wasted gas when the grills are not turned off properly. Please ask security for help if you can’t get gas to flow and they will restart the meters.
  • Please remember the new lanai policy limitations and, if you haven’t done so already, please bring your sunshades and decorations into compliance. The new policy has made a tremendous difference in the quality appearance of our resort but a few units still need to change their sunshades and remove some signage on the landings and lanais that are in violation. Note: No privately placed signs are allowed on any exterior wall other than over the lanais and those must conform to the decoration limitations in the new policy.

I’m enclosing another blank copy of the homeowner’s questionnaire. We have yet to receive about 35% of the owners emergency contact information…if you have not done so already…please fill this out and return it ASAP.

In closing, let me also report that occupancy on property seems to be returning to the vibrant winters of years past. Homeowners, repeat vacation renters, and new visitors are filling our resort and creating a Kepuhi Beach community filled with Aloha.
Please come join us soon ! ! !

Jeff Kent
President, West Molokai Resort AOAO
P.O. Box 58, Maunaloa, Molokai, Hawaii, 96770
Telephone 808.552.2313