Dear Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowner,

It is turning out to be a very challenging summer at the Kepuhi Beach Resort. The hot dry weather set in and with it came the mice invasion. We expected an active rodent season this year due to the overgrown golf course so we took preemptive actions by doubling the number of bait stations and refilling them every week ourselves, in addition to the monthly service through our pest control contract. We also purchased a large supply of sticky traps for renters or owners who report problems and have not stocked up themselves. Basically we give them 3 or 4 traps and encourage them to purchase more in town. The AOAO doesn’t have the staff or resources to address problems inside each individual unit so it is very important that owners make arrangements with their rental agent or cleaners to place traps and check them from time to time. Please do not ask the AOAO staff to do this. Also, do not ask the staff to let people into your unit for cleaning, maintenance, or utility hookups. Such requests create liability issues for the AOAO and disrupt the normal work schedules.

Another challenge we’ve experienced lately was a serious and long-term hot water leak under building #14. Apparently this started sometime in late May and the leak found its own path into the sewer system without ever bubbling to the surface. It quietly consumed water, which first became evident on the water bill in late June. While I was on island the beginning of July we reviewed all of the irrigation systems looking for leaks and waste. Once the gas bill came in July it also showed a huge spike in consumption. We then narrowed our search and found the leak. This was a very costly leak and the deteriorated condition of the piping indicates we must inspect and possibly replace a large portion of the underground system throughout the entire complex.

Now for the most disappointing news. I’m deeply sorry to report that our property manager, Jeff Herman, has decided to move his family back to the mainland and he will be resigning effective August 31st. In his short time with us Jeff has made a tremendous improvement and his departure will be a major setback for our resort. Although this will be challenging, Jeff still represents a blessing to us for the fine work he did and the high bar he has set for ongoing improvements. The Board and homeowners have now seen what benefit a great property manager can be and this strengthens our resolve to find an equally great replacement.


Jeff Kent
President, Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO