Dear Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowner,

The 2011 annual homeowners meeting was a great success and one of the best attended in recent memory. The property is looking fabulous and the aloha spirit filled the hearts of all who joined in our many festivities.

Mahalo to all who helped with and took part in the events and meetings. Enclosed you will find a summary of my president’s report which outlines the tremendous year we’ve had on Kepuhi Beach as well as the many property improvements undertaken. Also enclosed are your 2012 payment coupons and I’m sure you will be pleased to see that 2012 will start the same way 2011 ends…with a maintenance fee holiday.

As previously announced, December is a free month with no maintenance fees charged. Finances are so strong that the Board has adopted a budget which starts 2012 with a free month as well. Important: Locker rental charges still apply so make sure you send payment for December and January if you rent a storage locker. You should also note that the enclosed budget has a 4% increase in the 2012 maintenance fees. This is necessary due to the rapid increase in utility rates. Over the past few years we used our arbitration award to cover the extra utility cost rather than increase fees. As we head into the future we need to start building the fee structure up to match the operating costs so we don’t continue to eat into savings. One of the topics of greatest enthusiasm during our meetings were how we can utilize solar and other energy saving ideas to control our utility costs in the future. All options are aggressively being researched and I expect to report on these sometime in the new year. The election of three Board members occurred at the homeowners meeting with Barbara Kyte and myself returning to the Board as well as Eva Lock, who will fill the position vacated by outgoing member Dale Matlock. Please join me in thanking Dale for his service and thanking Eva for stepping forward to fill the position. Eva was on the Board before and we are very lucky to have her experience and are grateful for her dedication to our association.

There are many new ideas, new projects and new improvements developing for next year which I will report on in my next letter. In the meantime, please enjoy the holiday season and help spread aloha from Kepuhi Beach to wherever you and your family may gather. And then…hurry back to paradise!


Jeff Kent
President, Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO