Dear Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowners,

The good news is…occupancy has been quite high with lots of happy people visiting Kepuhi Beach Resort this year. The word must be out that our property is flourishing.

The even better news is…we are finally getting some long overdue rain. It has been near drought conditions all winter, which has complicated our irrigation schedule and added to our water expense.
On a related topic, we have experienced numerous incidents where someone has been turning our irrigation system on and off at random and tampering with the sprinkler heads. We’ve ruled out equipment malfunction and are now proceeding to secure all irrigation valve and timer boxes with extra locks. Whoever is doing this knows how to operate the system which makes the problem very difficult to deal with. If you see anyone other than our own crew members tampering with any irrigation…please notify Paul Snyder immediately. Often this occurs at night when no one should be adjusting any valves, timers or sprinkler heads.

Despite the irrigation challenges, the grounds continue to look very nice and a variety of seasonal projects have been completed or are currently underway.

  • We just completed an extensive professional tree trimming that included all 120 coconut trees, 28 Mexican palms and a few of the large Monkey Pod trees. The Mexican palms hadn’t been trimmed in many years and they look much better now. Also, the huge Kiawe tree in the courtyard below building #13 was trimmed. It was in danger of falling over, so balancing it will save this majestic giant.
  • The Building Repair and Restoration project is now underway with two independent contractors working building to building. They are focused on dry rot and other chronic age-related problems. This will continue for most of 2012 so there may be some additional activity and noise around the units. They are working through the buildings in order, but focusing on those with empty units first, then going back to the others once renters vacate. Since renters come and go daily, we appreciate your understanding during the short time this may affect any individual unit. Any noise or inconvenience should be minor and limited to work hours.
  • Currently, the website ( is undergoing a comprehensive update thanks to Ellyn Dooley, which should be finished by the end of March.
  • The Hotel Lot restoration is nearing completion but progress on related topics has stalled a bit due to personnel changes at the Ranch. Not a single person now in management was working for the Ranch when we went through the lawsuit. This should not be a significant or long-lasting problem but it requires constant follow-up to make sure some things don’t accidently (or purposefully) fall through the cracks.

Next month the AOAO Board of Directors will be gathering on Molokai for the spring Board meeting. Please join us April 10th at 9:00 a.m. in the Maunaloa Community Center. Also, the master association (WMA) meets on March 31st so you may want to come early for that. If you can’t make it, three of our AOAO Board Members will be representing our homeowners’ proxies at the WMA meeting.

That’s all for now…Aloha!


Jeff Kent
President, Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO