Dear Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowners,

We’ve seen some excellent changes around our resort in the past few years. The victory over the Ranch, the restoration of the Hotel Lot and the improvements we’ve made to our own property, have all helped to bring new life and a new sense of pride to our resort.

Additionally, we have two new crew members (Sasha Dudoit and Russ Kakaio ) and a relatively new supervisor, Paul Snyder, and I’m pleased to say things have come together quite nicely in that arena. The entire crew seem to have adjusted well and are doing good work.

In light of our goal to make Kepuhi Beach Resort a first rate resort and the finest resort on Molokai, we strive to keep this momentum going. As part of this effort I want to inform you of the following news.

As you may know, the Kepuhi Beach Resort has employed Castle Resorts and Hotels as its management company for many years (since 1989). Over these years, we’ve seen a lot of good people come and go. Most notably of late, our primary contacts,Bee per Cruz and Renette Carpio have left Castle’s management team.

Their departure provided our Board with the opportunity to review and assess our needs and to investigate whether there might be another company who could better serve us. In the world of AOAO management, twenty years with one management company is very unusual. Most Associations change companies much more frequently. We feel it is a good time for fresh people, with fresh eyes and fresh ideas, to help us take our association to a new level of efficiency and excellence.

To that end, Hawaiiana Management Company Ltd. will be our new AOAO management company. They currently manage Wavecrest and Molokai Shores, and through our inquiries we’ve learned that their homeowner associations are very pleased with Hawaiiana’s performance. The Board investigated and considered other companies, but Hawaiiana seemed to offer the most services at a cost comparable to
what we were paying Castle. This change is not expected to have any significant effect 0n our 2012 AOAO budget. The changeover becomes effective on August 1, 2012 but the transition is already underway, with the transfer of records and other preparations.

Important: Your July maintenance fee payment will still go to Castle Resorts. Your first payment to Hawaiiana will be your August maintenance fee.

Attached are further details about the transition and an introduction to Hawaiiana. You will also be hearing directly from Hawaiiana in the next week or so, with full details and payment instructions. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our new management company.

We know there is a long history with Castle, particularly their rental operation on our property. If you are currently in the Villas Rental Pool, there is no reason that has to change. The Villas and the AOAO did not share any finances or operations, so our change to Hawaiiana should not require any changes in the Villas program. Castle also manages a rental operation at Molokai Shores where Hawaiiana manages the Homeowners Association, so a successful and productive co-existence is expected at Kepuhi Beach Resort as well.

In closing, let me wish Castle Resorts and their staff all the best in the future and thank them for their years of service to our Association. Let me also thank you for your support, understanding and cooperation during this transition.


Jeff Kent
President, Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO