Aloha Kepuhi Beach Resort Homeowners,

I trust this annual letter finds each of you in good health and pleased to be an owner of our little piece of paradise.

A quick look around will tell you that we have more new homeowners than we’ve seen in many years. To all who have recently purchased a condominium in the Kepuhi Beach Resort, I say “welcome!” and I hope you enjoy being owners in one of the best-kept secrets in Hawai’i.

As you may know, your board of directors is constantly challenged with the issues of maintaining a 40 year old resort so close to the Pacific Ocean, as well as one that is on the “dry” side of Moloka’i. Merely looking at the U.S. Drought Monitor map will tell you that this has been a very dry year for our resort location and with the spring and summer winds we’ve had, it’s difficult to keep our courtyards appearing healthy.  Still, Zach West, our property manager, and our crew of Afa, Sasha, Briceson and David do a first-class job keeping our landscaping as lush and green as possible. Included in the plans to accomplish this includes aeration, fertilizing on a regular schedule, and replanting grasses in the courtyards. Of course, when the areas surrounding our resort dry out, the Axis deer head for our green grass and plants.  It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of these deer munching their way through our complex each night.  Hopefully, when the fall rains begin, they’ll return to their preferred feeding areas and give our grounds a break.

One of the challenges your board faces is the departure of some of some crew members, and the need to hire new personnel. Recently, Hermie (from our grounds keeping crew) and Kini (our building painter) left us.  We wish each of them well in their new positions.  Currently, Zach West is interviewing persons to find the right fit to join our grounds and building maintenance crew.

Our “Restore” project…painting the entryways with the semi-rough “Restore” paint…is still underway. We anticipate the project will be completed by our Annual Homeowner’s Meeting, November 14th.

While each multi-apartment building has fire extinguishers mounted on the outside wall, it’s come to our attention that the cottages didn’t have them. Now, that’s been rectified.  You’ll find a fire extinguisher mounted on a post outside each cottage.

Although exterior lighting is needed for people to negotiate their way around the complex at night, some of the lights on the outside of the buildings can be intrusive when they shine through the louvers. In an effort to mitigate this, we’ve completed a project of installing “baffles” to direct the lights away from the louvers, while still lighting the doorways.  We hope everyone finds this solution acceptable.

A few of our owners have found that parties on the beach, complete with campfires, are a delightful Hawaiian experience. However, your AOAO Board needs to point out that open fires and driving on the beach are both violations of Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 13-221-3.  Too, HRS 171-6 (15) allows for civil fines of not more than $5,000 per first violation and an additional $1,000 per day if the violation persists.  So please remember, we are guests on the island of Moloka’i, and violating Hawaiian rules of conduct can be expensive, but can also make us less welcome.

Another challenge your board faces is the upholding of our policies and the development of new board policies as the need arises. This is especially true when we have many new owners who may be unaware of the almost “dormitory-like” living spaces we occupy.  So I’d like to point out a few policies that are often overlooked:

  • Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8 AM each day….7 days a week. Please be aware that some of our owners still work for a living, and some just like to be early to bed. Even moderately loud music, TV or a party inside a unit can be disturbing to these folks.
  • Please be aware that the only part of the unit you completely own is “from the paint inward”. In other words, about the only changes you can make to your unit without first getting approval from the Board of Directors is to paint the interior walls or hang a picture. Please see the remodeling policies on our website:, and be aware that failure to follow those guidelines can be very expensive in the way of fines levied.
  • Other than installing one of the approved sun shades on the lanai and decorating up to 10% of the lanai walls, there can be no other devices mounted on the walls, including security cameras or unapproved lighting. Our current policy requires that all lanai lighting be “hard-wired” by a Hawai’i licensed electrician who will obtain an electrical permit from Maui County. The lighting must not be visible from off the lanai. Some owners have installed rope lighting which would be acceptable as long as it meets the above mandates. For those who have rope lights, but need to have it permitted, “hard-wired” and moved so it’s not visible from off the lanai, I’m going to arrange to have a licensed electrician come to the resort to do the work. Please contact me at if you’re interested.
  • Locker rental for additional storage is not part of owning a unit. There are only a few lockers on the property, and in order to rent one, you must apply to our “locker lady”. Connie Fox at
  • Please be aware, and remind your guests, that there are to be no glass containers around the pool area.
  • If you rent your unit, you must post the House Rules conspicuously in your unit, and require your guests to read and follow them. Too, Maui County now requires that you post an on-island contact (name and phone number) in your unit.
  • The office is not an appropriate place to drop off cable boxes, or to receive UPS or FedEx packages. Please return your cable box to the Oceanic office (or have someone else do it for you) and have your packages sent to your unit address, which would read:

                                 #____________(door number) Kepuhi Place

Kepuhi Beach Resort

Maunaloa, HI 96770

  • Please remember to remove and replace any lanai sunshades that become unsightly.  Too, be aware that umbrellas are not acceptable on lanais.

Finally, it’s important that you post the security numbers in your unit. Our officers…. Rodni and Eli… are on the property daily and can help with concerns relating to the security of our complex.  That said, please remember that issues relating to renters are the responsibility of the unit’s owner and their on-island contact.

Attached, you will find three new policies that your AOAO Board of Directors will be implementing within the next few weeks. If you have comments or questions regarding these policies, please direct them to our secretary, Mal Wienges at

And lastly, I must tell you that Barbara Kyte has submitted her resignation to the Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO Board of Directors.  After many years serving in capacities such as a social director, Vice President, and most recently, AOAO Treasurer, Barb has decided it’s time to move on.  We shall miss her insight and her devotion to the Kepuhi Beach Resort.  Please join me in wishing her well.

Once again, let me remind you of our upcoming annual meetings:

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2015: Annual Budget Meeting
  • Friday, November 13, 2015: Fall Board Meeting
  • Saturday, November 14, 2015: Annual Homeowner’s Meeting

Within the next few weeks you’ll be receiving the packet of information pertaining to these meetings. If you find you’re unable to attend the annual meeting, it’s vital you send in your proxy so that your Association of Apartment Owners can conduct business.


Ken King, Jr.

President, Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO