Board Letter

February 18, 2020

Aloha Homeowners

Mahalo to all who attended our successful November meetings and participated in the activities during the week…no dues increase for the 4th consecutive year! Kudos to Michael Comstedt and Kari Hagler for their talents in planning and contributing for our annual dinner!The March 25 board meeting date is fast approaching and we encourage all owners to attend for any updates since the last meeting. A question and answer period is always a valuable segment for those who need information or clarification on various subjects…a must for new owners, especially.

Our AOAO website ( is a treasure trove of information about our association and Moloka’i itself. See you at 9:00 a.m. at the Maunaloa Community Center.Carrie Thomas, who is coordinating our solar project, reports progress as Rising Sun Solar advances toward the construction stage and installation of the PV (photo-voltaic) panels. Roofs on three buildings, which are positioned best for gathering the solar rays, have been selected. The project will employ some off-island workers; and, please note that some portions of our parking areas will be used for storage of equipment and materials during the installation phase.

These phone numbers should be posted in your address book, as well as imparting the info to guests: Kepuhi Beach Resort Security phone – (808) 336-1903; Kepuhi Beach Resort office – (808) 552-2313. For emergencies, dialing 911 works, but is directed off-island, therefore taking longer for that office to notify the appropriate Moloka’i personnel. Contact the Moloka’i Police Department at (808) 553-5355 for a speedier response.

If you haven’t done so, post to your calendars the relevant dates for the Novembermeetings: November 12, Budget Meeting; November 13, Board Meeting: November 14, Homeowners Meeting. Updates to follow regarding potluck dinner, annual homeowners banquet, and Arts & Crafts event.For those interested, the West Molokai Association, the umbrella group for west-enders, is having the annual meeting at the Maunaloa Community Center, on Saturday, March 21. Registration is at 8:30, meeting is called to order at 9:00 a.m.

As always, we ask that conservation of water and electricity in our units be observed, and that guests and renters be aware of our concerns. Remember to shut down the burners at the barbecue grills, and turn off the lights after nighttime use.Those who rent their units should have the name(s) and contact information for their island agent(s), cleaning person(s) on file in the office, for emergency contact. Please make it clear that these individuals may NOT allow their children, family, or ‘guests’ use of the pool.

We are still having issues with migrating pests from units for which we lack access keys in order to accommodate pest control personnel. Please check with the office to insure that we have the means to enter your unit for this important service to combat proliferation of these critters. Your neighbors will thank you!

Additional reminder regarding car ownership: the AOAO needs to have a your pertinent information on file in the office should we have to contact your or your agent about your vehicle. Please be conscientious about parking in the Inactive areas of our lots upon your departure from the island. And, be aware of the proximity of coconut trees, especially if trimming is imminent.

Please note that the AOAO is not responsible for amateurish, slapdash condo repairs. Do a periodic maintenance check in your unit; for example, examining water supply lines for drips which could lead to unfortunate consequences. Wax seals beneath toilets can dry out after time, precipitating negative results, especially for neighbors in lower units. Hiring a competent, experienced professional to handle repairs will pay off in the long run, not to mention the peace of mind as a side benefit.

And, a reminder…our AOAO is a Smoke-Free, Drug-Free, & Pet-Free organization. These subjects are an ongoing concern, and it is imperative that we all are compliant, and that guests and renters are made aware of these rules with health and safety being a top consideration.

Mahalo to Ellyn Dooley for researching costs/availability and facilitating purchase of our new pool furniture! The old furniture served us long and well, but was fast approaching, or beyond, the Use By Date.Ellyn also deserves credit for overseeing the contributions toward our employees Christmas bonus fund. AOAO generosity made for a happy crew!

Martin Bergeron has created a FaceBook Community Page for our AOAO and he provides this information: Aloha to all!As discussed during the last Home Owner association meeting, I volunteered to create a facebook community page. It took a bit of time to collect the owners email addresses but I am all ready to receive your request to be a part of this closed group.I invite you to search for the “Kepuhi Beach Owner/Renter group” on Facebook.

As I closed the group, you have to request to be a member of the group and answer 2 simple questions. This is only for me to ensure no-one outside joins in. You may also pass the information to your renters (long term renters only). Just please let me know when they terminate their rental term so I can remove them access to the group.

The purpose of this group is only to communicate with others about simple questions/requests (anybody has butter?) and occasional generic memos. Negative or aggressive postings will be removed as this is not the intent of the group.This is the first group I created and I would appreciate your help to ensure we keep it useful for our community.

Previous Letter

June 20, 2019

Aloha, Homeowners

The AOAO board would like to inform you of a few updates, for the attention of new owners, and reminding our established owners of subjects that we like to keep in the forefront.

You will find enclosed the latest iteration of our House Rules for your perusal and edification. Laminated copies will be distributed for posting in your unit(s), and we ask everyone to please post them in prominent locations for easy accessibility, and referencing them to guests and renters.

Please take note of House Rule #2: Unit owners shall be responsible for their own conduct, AND the conduct of any occupants, ensuring that behavior is neither offensive to any occupant of the building or property, or damaging to any portion of the common elements. A UNIT SHALL BE USED ONLY AS A RESIDENCE AND SHALL NOT BE USED AS A BUSINESS OR FOR OTHER PURPOSES. No unlawful/illegal activities will be tolerated and such will be immediately reported to the appropriate law enforcement authority. No owner may lease/rent less than the entire apartment.

Over the past several months we have had incidents initiated by renters, which the unit owners have not been a party to, but have impacted that condo, as well as its neighbors in an unsavory manner.

We have initiated a new rules policy to govern the many canoe races that originate from, and use our property during their preparation for race days. Rowdiness has rarely been an issue, but there have been occasions when participants have been preeminent in their occupancy of  our space, sometimes relocating lanai furniture and other items for their use. We have seen an increase in trash and garbage resulting from these events, with our security personnel having to step up as best they can to provide direction. The organizations and sponsors have been considerate in establishing rules to govern behavior and activities at their destination site(s) on Oahu, but have been negligent and disrespectful in not setting up rules and codes of conduct to protect our AOAO property.

As an antidote to these oversights by the canoe race organizers, Steve tracks the races which will affect us and sends them our newly established event policy rules for race participants, along with an event application requesting information about organizers, contacts information, number of participants staying at Kepuhi Beach Resort and a security deposit requirement. After reviewing the application, it is then signed off if acceptable, followed by a post-event sign-off by security.

To date, this process has met little in the way of dissent, and Steve reports that the most recent event went very well.

The board of directors is continuing its investigation into an adequate solar PV system, the project being overseen by Carrie Thomas.  We have selected a reputable, well-established company who will provide us with estimates and the most beneficial design for our resort.

Maui Electric approved our solar application in March 2019 in which they allow 18 months to complete our solar installation.  We will also explore thermal PV for hot water.

The periodic trimming of our coconut trees was undertaken in March, with the addition of trimming of other trees on our grounds/parking lots to deal with overgrowth.

Some of you may have noticed the refurbishment of our office in 1171, an improvement still in process. Rod has done an excellent job of repainting, which was followed by the addition of canvas graphics hung on one wall. Painter extraordinaire, Kari Hagler, has volunteered to paint a mural on the wall behind Steve’s desk to complete the transition to a fresher, more professional space for our employees, owners, and guests & renters who visit.

For those of you who have not done so, these phone numbers should be posted in your address book, as well as imparting the info to guests: Kepuhi Beach Resort Security phone – (808) 336-1903; Kepuhi Beach Resort office – (808) 552-2313. For emergencies, dialing 911 works, but is directed off-island, therefore taking longer for that office to notify the appropriate Moloka’i personnel. Contact the Moloka’i Police Department at (808) 553-5355 for a speedier response.

As a reminder, we need to emphasize the necessity of being able to access units for the periodic pest control spraying. In past months we have had complaints about increased insect/rodent infestations in units abutting those for which we have no access. Please note that building #24 will be tented for termites August 29 &30.

For those owners who bring service animals to Kepuhi Beach Resort, please have available for Steve, the appropriate documentation required for the animal’s presence. If you have guests or renters with service animals, see that they are provided with information to facilitate their stay.

As always, we ask that you be cognizant of usage of our water and electrical resources, as these expenses continue to be a big part of our annual budget. Again, make a point of calling attention to this necessary conservation to guests and renters.

Manager Steve was asked to contribute a few quick items:

Good news – its hot, humid –  93 degrees.

My wife, Kim, is here full time, enjoying island life and helping me on the painting projects at our house. Both Kim and I have been going back and forth to our other house to get it ready to sell. My son is getting married here in Molokai on July 26.

We have been planting new shrubs and plants all over the grounds, while removing a lot of the old plants. Little more color! Also, I had 20 tons  of new gravel delivered for the gardens and need to order another 20 tons.The grounds look very nice.

Three of the five paddling events have been completed. The event organizers have all cooperated with our new requirements. One the most important was the contact information, but also being included on their insurance liability policy, and deposits for our additional security costs.

Brandy (Bubbles) had her baby on May 16. Baby girl – 8 lbs, no issues. Don’t ask me to pronounce her name – very long in Hawaiian. She is also working for me in the office 24 hours a week.

So, we have been adding new fresh signs, completely renovated the office, added some pictures and fans.

All of our employees are doing well, taking some time off for vacations.

The Association has purchased two new Husqvarna lawn mowers. The Toro 42 and 54 were worn out. The new mowers are a 48 inch and 54 inch Zero turn models.

The staff has had to repair more broken hot water lines in the ground. They have been old connections that just gave out…Building 14 close to the boiler.

We also just finished installing a new boiler for buildings 18 and 19.

That’s all for now! Aloha

Remember that our AOAO website ( is a treasure trove of information about our association and Moloka’i itself.

Don’t forget the dates for our annual AOAO meetings: November 7 – budget meeting; November 8 – board meeting; November 9 – owners meeting. You will be notified of details by Hawaiiana, and in the packet will be proxy forms…PLEASE mail the completed form, whether or not you are able to attend the meeting, in order to achieve the required quorum!

Enjoy your summer…and see you in the fall on our favorite island!