Frequently Asked Questions

Our Complex

Q. I want to plant some flowers and shrubs around my lanai, can I?
A. No. You must first run it by the Board of Directors and have them approved. Upon approval, you may purchase the plants, and pick them up, and then the crew will help you plant.

Q. I have noticed several matters that need attention around the grounds, who shall I talk to?
A. Write it down, put in a sealed envelope and address it to either the AOAO/Property Manager, or to the Board, and put in the mail slot outside of the office. ALL questions, requests, suggestions must be in writing.

Q. Where can I store my bike?
A. Inside your unit or locked in the bicycle rack in parking lot near building 17. We do not allow bikes, surfboards, etc. to be stored on the lanais, walkways, or landings.

Q. Can I hang my beach towels, swimsuits or laundry on the lanai railing?
A. No.

Q. When are Quiet Hours?
A. From 10pm to 8am. However, as our buildings are old and not well insulated, we ask that you be considerate of others during ALL HOURS. Please be mindful of your radio, TV, and CD volumes, heavy walking (especially in upstairs units), and conversational volume when on your lanais.

Q. Someone’s fire alarm is beeping from a low battery near me, what can I do?
A. Call our AOAO/Property Manager, or call Security at 808-658-0067 or 808-336-1903.

Q. I would like to rent a locker, whom do I contact?
A. E-mail a request to Kevin Donnelly to be put on the waiting list and refer to our Locker Policy in the policy section of our website for further detail.

Your Unit

Q. If my unit suffers water damage from heavy rains, whose responsibility is it to clean it up and incur costs?
A. As flooding is classified as an Act of God, you and your personal insurance company are responsible for cleaning up your unit. As a courtesy, the Board will try to contact you (if you have left an e-mail address or phone # with the staff), and alert you to the situation. If you have left a key with the Property Manager, he/she will try to open up the damaged units to air out and assess the matter.

Q. Why do I have to leave a key with the Association?
A. We need to get into your unit for the pest control service bi-monthly, or if an emergency should arise (i.e., electrical, flood/leak, fire). If we do not have a key and need to gain access, we will use whatever means necessary and you will be billed accordingly.

Q. Is the water safe to drink?
A. Yes. Several years ago the federal standard for water drinkable was raised. Molokai now meets the new standard. .

Q. Where do I park my car if I want to leave it for long periods and I am off island?
A. Long-term parking is across the street from the parking lot that fronts bldgs 15 and 17, or down on the street side of Building 12. Please DO NOT leave your car in active parking areas as we are short of spaces for our vacationing owners/renters.

Q. What should I do to shut down my unit when I leave the island and my unit will be vacant?
A. Check to see that you don’t have any water leaks or running toilets, turn off fans and lights, and make sure that the AOAO/Property Manager has a key to your unit.

Q. I am planning to remodel or make changes to my unit (i.e., lighting, lanai tile, adding a washer/dryer, structural changes, etc.). What do I do?
A. Make a rough sketch/drawing with a written description and e-mail it to Ken King. The board will check over the specs and let you know how to proceed.

Q. I want to replace an electrical socket in my unit; do I need permission?
A. No, the inside of the unit is your responsibility and the outside is the Associations. However, if drywall is going to be tampered with, you must have an electrician do the work.

Q. Are there specific work hours when we (or our Contractor) can work in our units?
A. Yes, work is allowed Mon-Fri. from 8am to 5pm. No noisy tool work on the weekends ever.

Q. Where do we dump our refuse/tear-out materials?
A. You, (or your Contractor), will have to take it to the landfill on the way to town. See Construction Rules & Regulations in our Policy section.

Q. I want to replace my door. What procedure do I follow?
A. Contact the Board President for further instructions.

Q. I have heard that we have a website with information of interest to the Owners of our Resort, what is the website (url) address?

Q. What address should I use if I want to send a package to my unit?
A. FedEx and UPS will deliver directly to your unit with a physical address:

252 Kepuhi Place # (your unit number)
Maunaloa, HI

Someone MUST be in your unit to accept a package. The office will not accept packages or personal mail. However, if you are receiving personal mail, please have your mail sent c/o General Delivery @ either Kaunakakai Post Office (96748) or Maunaloa (96770) OR, rent a P.O. Box (which may require being put on a long waiting list).

Our Working Crew

Q. Who ensures that the night pathway, stairway and landscape lighting is working properly?
A. Security checks the night lights and turns in a list to the AOAO/Property Manager each morning. The Manager then changes the lights. If you see a light out, tell either Security or the Property Manager.

Q. How do I reach Security?
A. Phone 658-0067 or 336-1903. If you are unable to reach Security, and if it’s an emergency call 911 .

Q. What number should I use to contact the AOAO/Property Manager?
A. 552-2313 rings in the office (#1171).


Q. I have a late charge on my Maintenance Fee billing, whom do I talk to?
A. Call Hawaiiana, our managing agent, and talk to Lisa Kahae (808)270-3218 ext. 856. Be aware that your bill is due on the 1st of the month and late on the 16th and assessed with a $25 late charge and interest. We CANNOT and they WILL NOT waive late charges.

Molokai Ranch & Hotel

Q. Are there plans to refurbish the tennis courts?
A. The tennis courts are not ours, they belong to the Ranch and are in the plans to be removed. There are 2 courts downtown.

Q. When will the Restaurant re-open?
A. The Ranch has not set any new dates for the restaurant renovation.

Q. When is construction for the hotel renovation slated to begin?
A. The Ranch has not set any date yet for the hotel renovation either.