Owners Manual

E Komo Mai (Welcome) New Homeowners!

A very warm ALOHA from the Board Members of your Kepuhi Beach Resort Association.
We welcome you into the o’hana (family) of Kepuhi Beach Resort Owners (also known as Kaluakoi Resort). As a new Owner, we’re sure that you probably have many questions. We hope that this letter will help to answer some of them.

HISTORY: The Louisiana Land Corporation started Kaluakoi in 1977. Of the 300 units on property, 150 belonged to the hotel and 149 units (ours) were privately owned but still operated by the hotel. Sheraton very successfully managed the hotel for the first 10 years. Tokyo Kosan then bought the hotel and Colony Hotels ran the day-to-day operation. The hotel began to go down hill. At this time, some of the private units formed their own rental pool called “The Villas”. Tokyo Kosan was unsuccessful in running the business and the complex fell into disarray. The hotel closed, as well as the restaurant and golf course. Most of the jobs on the west end were lost. The 149 private units continued to operate, some with “The Villas” and others on their own. In 2002 Molokai Ranch bought the property and has since upgraded some of the infrastructure. As an Association, we have a cross easement with the Ranch to use their pool and other agreements for electricity, water, and other fixed costs.

WORKING STAFF:  Our working crew is located in unit # 1171, 808-552-2313 FAX: 808-552-2883 (The Office Hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm). Brandi Johnston is our Property Manager. The staff is on site from 8am to 4pm. Although they may be hired during their off-hours at the established rate of $18/hour for your personal projects, we ask that you DO NOT approach them while they are “on-the-clock.” Contact them individually to arrange a convenient time for your projects, again, during “off hours.” If you have suggestions and/or concerns that pertain to the complex in general (maintenance, landscape concerns, roofs, etc.), please put them in writing and leave with the Kepuhi Beach Resort/Property Manager between 8-8:30a.m. or 12-12:30p.m., or put in the mailbox outside of the office. The office will remain locked when the staff is out working on the grounds and various projects.

SECURITY: Security is on site seven days a week, with hours that vary each day to provide the best security for the resort. Security is CPR certified. There are also two AED devices located on property (one outside unit 1171, and one between 1242 and 1243). Security also enforces the House Rules of the resort. If you have Resort concerns or observe a disregard of House Rules, call security. If you have a police or fire concern, call 911. Refer to the Emergency Card located in each unit for directions for specific emergencies. Security Phone: 808-336-1903.

You Will Want To Know …

TRASH DISPOSAL: The dumpsters are located in front of Building 12 in the lower parking lot. Please make sure the trash is appropriately bagged, cardboard containers flattened, and bottles in the appropriate container.

BUILDINGS: The inside of your unit is your responsibility and the outside is the Association’s responsibility. The cost for the repair of louvers, etc. (part inside part outside) will be split half and half between the Owner and the Association. Contact Dale Matlock for buildings and remodeling related issues.

INTERNET/WI-FI: The use of the internet is available on the lanai of unit 1171 (the AOAO Office). Tables, chairs, and electrical outlet is provided as well as light in the evening. Skyping is not allowed in that area in consideration of the neighbors. You can connect through ‘kepuhi’ and there is no password required.

BULLETIN BOARD: There is a bulletin board on the lanai of #1171 where our Kepuhi Beach Resort office is located. Owners can advertise units for sale, miscellaneous items, etc. We also put up notices for “potlucks” during the winter months.

EXPENSES: The Association goes to great lengths to keep our expenses down. We ask your help to conserve water and electricity (i.e., repair your leaky faucets & running toilets promptly; turn off lights, TV’s, fans, etc. when not in use).

FEES & BILLINGS (Homeowner Maintenance Fees – Locker Rentals – Assessment Billings): Hawaiiana Management Company is our operating agent and manages our billings For billing related questions, contact Lisa Kahae at (808)270-3218 ext.856 or via email at lisa@hmcmgt.com

FINANCIAL STATUS: Due in part to an excellent management team, we have a considerable reserve fund. It is our intent to add to this each year. Our dues are the lowest of the three complexes in the area.

HOUSE RULES: In addition to topics that we have covered in this letter, please refer to our House Rules, as all Owners are expected to be in compliance. If you do not have a copy, stop by the office during the above hours (8-8:30am and 12-12:30pm) and pick one up.

KEYS: Please leave a front door key(s) with the Property Manager so he can get into your unit in case of an emergency and also so the units can sprayed bimonthly for bugs. In case of emergency, If we do not have a key and must gain access to your unit, we will obtain entry by whatever means are necessary and you will be responsible for any repairs needed. If your unit cannot be sprayed, you will be responsible at your cost for doing so and submitting proof to the Property Manager. Keys are closely guarded by the Property Manager and Security – the only people who have access to the locked keys.

LANAIS: According to Hawaii Statutes, the lanais belong to the common property. Please become familiar with the House Rules for what can and cannot be on the lanais or its walls.

LANDSCAPING: We have a committee that works with the Crew on landscaping. ALL decisions about landscaping start here. Contact Dale Matlock (see Board Members page for other contact options). Our objective is to make the complex as lush and green as possible with the given water restrictions.

LOCKERS FOR RENT: We have both large and small locker units that are available for rent @ $9, $18, or larger “doubles” for $27. If you are interested, please contact Kevin Donnelly to check availability and/or to have your name placed on the waiting list.

MAIL: The resort will not accept your personal mail. Please have your mail sent c/o General Delivery at either the Maunaloa or Kaunakakai Post Offices, or, obtain a Post Office box at either location for your use and that of your renter’s. There may be a considerable waiting list.

To ship personal items to your condo unit (UPS, Fedex ship directly to your unit), please use the following:

M/M Owner
252  Kepuhi Place # (your unit #)
Kepuhi Beach Resort, HI 96770

For US Mail:

M/M Owner
c/o General Delivery
Maunaloa, HI 96770

Packages received at the AOAO office will not be delivered. Please inform renters/guests to NOT have mail and/or packages delivered to the AOAO Office.

MEETINGS: The Board has its annual meeting the second weekend of November. At this time the ‘events’ consist of a Budget meeting, community potluck, Board meeting, Homeowner’s Meeting, Annual Dinner and a crafts sale, in that order over 5 days. The events proved a great opportunity to get to know other owners, learn about the workings of the Association, and share your pleasures as well as concerns. Precluding the November meeting, we will be asking you for proxies so as to have a quorum at the meeting to conduct necessary Association business and elect future Board Members. Please be sure to respond to our letter with your proxy. In the spring, in April or May, there is another Board Meeting. This is more of a working meeting pertaining to the running of the complex. You are welcome to attend any and all of the meetings.

POOL: We use the pool via a cross-easement agreement with the Ranch. The pool is for the use of Kepuhi Beach Resort owners and renters only. Guests are not allowed.

REMODELING YOUR UNIT: Be sure to submit your proposed project in writing (via email or mail) to Dale Matlock to get board approval before you remodel.
For additional information, please see the Policies Page.

RESORT ADDRESS: In 2005, the Owner’s voted to rename our resort to Kepuhi Beach Resort, in an effort to differentiate from the other two Kaluakoi Resort Properties, (Ke Nani Kai and Paniolo Hale).

The Resort Address is: 252 Kepuhi Place #1171, Kepuhi Beach Resort, HI. 96770.

RUBBISH: Remember to take your garbage etc. to the parking lot dump area. Break down boxes etc. to conserve space in the dumpster boxes. If you want to recycle, there is a recycle center at the Landfill on the way into town. They take aluminum, newspapers, bottles, and cardboard. A receptacle next to the dumpster is available for cans and bottles on which a deposit has been paid. It is not a recycle bin.

RESORT WEBSITE: Our website, www.kepuhi.com, was designed to benefit our Homeowners with the dissemination of Kepuhu Beach Resort information, including,but not limited to, important documents, policies, events, meetings, and emergency information.

Additional Information is contained in PDF files below.

AOAO Bylaws – PDF (7mb)

WMRC – Founding Documents – PDF (4mb)