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President’s Letter

President’s Letter – October 2016

October 2016


Aloha Kepuhi Beach Resort Owners


It’s nearly time for our annual homeowner meetings, and our crew members are busy making our Kepuhi Beach Resort look as nice as possible for you to enjoy. Within days you should be receiving the packet of materials regarding our meetings, and of greatest importance is the proxy form.  Even if you expect to attend the Annual Homeowner’s Meeting on November 19, I would ask that you send in your proxy just in case something comes up and you can’t be there.  Having a quorum allows us to conduct the association’s business which is vital to keeping a healthy and vibrant resort complex.


This year, in addition to the election of two directors and our usual presentations and review of the state of our resort, the board will be asking owners to look at and decide on the proposal to add a comprehensive solar hot water system for the multiple unit buildings (the cottages are on their own electric water heaters and not part of the solar hot water program at this time). Owner Jay Wakefield initiated this plan, including getting bids for installing the needed equipment to reduce our dependency on propane gas as our primary means for heating water.  I’ve attached one of the bids (the one from Mana Maui Solar) to this “President’s Letter” for your review so that you are prepared for the presentation at the annual meeting on November 19.  Too, it’s important to understand that, should we choose to implement this program, it will be necessary to assess each owner a one-time cost of approximately $1400.  However, this could easily save us more than $50,000 each year, and, for a while, eliminate the need to annually increase the maintenance fees to meet our constantly rising costs.


I look forward to seeing each owner (especially meeting our new owners, of whom we have quite a few) at our annual meetings at the Maunaloa Community Center: the budget meeting on Wednesday, November 16, the fall board meeting on Friday, November 18, and the annual homeowner’s meeting on Saturday, November 19, as well as the pot luck in our courtyard on Thursday, November 17.


Ken King, Jr.

President, Kepuhi Beach Resort AOAO

October 2016